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Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day

 I'd say the dads had a pretty relaxing Father's Day. The day started of course with a tball game...
And then home to swim and hang out. Noni, pops and Brylie joined in on the fun 

Tyler's new friends came over and hung out. 
Finally Daddy got
To open his presents!

He got new cologne, a grill instructor apron and a shadow box with and autographed sparring glove. Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Tyler's 5th Homecoming Day

Tyler's 5th Homecoming day started with McDonald's pancakes and hash browns. Then off to a tball game.

Sno Cone time!

Tyler has been begging daily for a Centurion Nerf Gun. Although we don't usually do gifts on homecoming day we decided to let him get the Centurion because we knew it would make his day, and it did. The stinking thing is almost as big as he is!

Next, we headed to Dave and Busters to play some games. I cannot even begin to describe my excitement when he didn't ask to go to Chuck E. Cheese or Magic Mountain!!At least Dave and Busters has a bar!

He decided to have his dinner at Daruma Japanese Steakhouse. He was in complete awe over the guy cooking on the table.

Then back home to have a Nerf Gun battle and cake!

Happy Homecoming Day Tyler!

Baseball season is upon us

Summer has officially begun so that means baseball, baseball and more baseball! Collin is in his first year of "Kid pitch" and Tyler is in his first year of t-ball. Both boys are on the Athletics this year. And guess who the coach is?? Yep, daddy!

Rita's with the big boys!

and a little after game swimming with family and friends

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Collins last day of third grade

Off to the last day of 3rd grade! Where has time gone??

End of the year awards

                                                    Getting ready for the 8th grade clap out

                                                     and Orange Leaf!!

Now it's time to party!
Collin was elected class president this year and during his campaign he promised the class City BBQ and Rita's if he was elected. Well, he was elected! I'm pretty sure he is the first politician ever to follow through with a campaign promise and not only that but he also had the "Best party ever" according to many party goers lol!



All but 2 kids from his class came to the party! Someone counted 42 kids in the pool at one point during the evening.

                                           Tommy and Coach Haley were the winners of the last to leave award! I think poor Tommy was about to go to sleep.

And to get the summer started off right...

The basketball hoop came out! We are bringing some hillbilly to this court!

Starting a new Chapter...

We recently moved to our new house. It was a long process but a kind of unplanned decision. We hated to leave our house that was almost paid off and being right around the corner from the Crazy Cousins, Noni and Pops and Grandma Patsy but at this point I can say it was worth all the work and probably one of the best decisions we have made!

We are living on a court in a neighborhood where our kids can grow up like we did-playing outside all day with friends. Our court is filled with kids and great neighbors. We have a great house, not to mention a swimming pool in the backyard which has been getting quite a workout this summer! We have had a Memorial Day cookout with family and neighbors, an end of the year party for Collins entire 3rd grade class and an after baseball gathering on a 90 degree day in addition to many impromptu gatherings. People think we are crazy but this is exactly what we were looking for-a place our kids and their friends and ours would love to hang out.

I have really been able to shut off the constant to do list in my head and sit down and relax by or in the pool on most days...something I never do. I hate to leave the house!! The kids have said so many times how happy they are that we moved here. If only I didn't have to go to work lol!!

Life is Good!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Colin's 8th Homecoming day

This year Collin chose eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast for breakfast, played video games, had a flag football game, Arby's for lunch and Joes Crab Shack for dinner with Brylie and KC. Oh don't forget the cake! Happy 8th Homecoming buddy!